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Our Powdercoating  Oven is  6.5mL  x 2.4mW x 2.4mH


Applying decorative and protective finishes to a wide range of materials and products for both industries and consumers. Powder Coating gives consumers, businesses, and industries one of the most economical, longest lasting, and most color-durable quality finishes available on virtually any type of metal. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes. A powdercoating is a paint applied in powder format which is then baked on in an oven, curing and bonding it to the product substrate.


Some things that can be powder coated:

  • frames, planter boxes, switchboards

  • architectural metal, feature screens, art works

  • towel rails, taps, handles, gates, 

  • automotive parts (wheels etc.)

  • security doors, windows, patio tubes

  • steel and alloy panels and parts 

The Motor


Also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is a surface finishing process that involves the use of a powered machine — typically an air compressor as well as a sandblasting machine — to spray abrasive particles under high pressure against a surface.


It’s called “sandblasting” because it blasts the surface with particles of sand. As the sand particles strike the surface, they create a smoother and more even texture. In this post, you’ll learn more about this surface finishing process and how it’s performed.

Our Sandblasting Room is  6.5mL  x 2.4mW x 2.4mH

Oval Aluminium Frame


An absolute prerequisite for successful powder coating is that the surface to be coated must undergo pre-treatment to clean and decontaminate.

Contamination of the surface may give rise to aesthetic defects in the coating (bumps, craters, etc.) and may cause poor adhesion between the coating and the base. The most typical contaminants are oil and grease, surface corrosion, mill scale and what can collectively be called particles – both loose and fixed.

A clean surface will in many cases be insufficient to achieve the necessary or desirable corrosion protection. In such cases – where corrosion protection is a primary requirement – chemical pre-treatment should be chosen.

At Novocoat, we provide two methods of Aluminium Treatment:

* Baths Treatment with reputable supplier

* Manual treatment that is monitoring by Chemetall 

At Novo-Coat  we take great pride taking your ideas and turning them into top quality products. Our all work is completed with an emphasis on quality workmanship, and strict confidentiality. 

Our aim is to provide the complete range of services to enable you the customer to satisfy your requirements. Our focus on quality and service make us the ideal partner for you, and our proven track record in all of the key industries will give you the confidence to specify Novotec every time. .

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